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Saffron Infused Coconut Cream Mandala Tin

Saffron Infused Coconut Cream Mandala Tin

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With its amazing healing,anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties, INTRODUCING a limited time addition to our product menu:


Coconut oil is said to be a solution to everything! So here we are with a solution to everything. From new borns to adults this is what everyone can use. 100% pure and homemade coconut cream is a solution to your skin problems which is beneficial for both oily skin and dry skin.

Organic shea butter
Coconut oil
Almond oil
Vitamin e oil
This cream is used for:
-Radiant skin
-Aging signs
-cracked heels
-cracked lips
-dry patches
-baby rashes
-dry skin rashes
-baby soft skin
-dark circles

*Random designed tin will be sent subject to availability

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